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Case Study: Eat Your Choco

Their Vision was our Mission

Eat Your Choco, a family organic business from Europe with a very enduring history was very much intended to market the product to the new generation without plunging on to their old labels and strategies.

Create an Impression

Competition in the market was huge and the brand went on their bad phase looking forward to get extinct as new brands popped up and this gradually deprived their business. But they were very keen in bringing back the space for their business and also a place back in the market. They were happy to work with us as we shared our marketing strategies and views on helping them bounce back to their business. Introducing the remolded brand to the younger generation as an imposing product was quite a job. Taking the consumer into consideration, we thoroughly researched what they really look into when the brand you love has taken a fresh face in the market. We rebranded the product with a change in packing style which indeed helped them getting a boost in the market as the very first impression matters always. Marketing strategies were implemented on the right time which later reflected on the hike and success in the business.

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Mission Accomplished

The growth was very much firm, growing gradually and spreading the business vast and wide. In the very first month the product went on to the shelves in the market and made it an eye-catching product for the customers. The hike started from the very first month as people started talking about it and the stocks were completely sold from the stores. Eat Your Choco has become a very established brand with the first 6 month bringing some 150,000+ on their side and received the reach they demanded.

Average Open Rate On Emarketing
Increase in Revenue From Online Channels
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Increase in Revenue From Brand Stores
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"We are very pleased with our new brand identity and the way TRIXMEDIA conducts their business. It has been a great experience working with them."

- Ole Haugen,