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Company Naming

Brand Naming

TRIXMEDIA helps you define and develop unique company names
which clearly communicates your message visually and verbally. We partner with you, identify your goals and create names that stick. We follow this process for each and every project we take on

Product and Service Naming

Your ever-growing brand identity requires a compelling product name to give an edge over your competitors. It is yet another way for your consumers to easily recognize the uniqueness and value of your company/organization.
A product name is not just about the product, but it is something beyond that. It encompasses concepts, services, product lines, platforms, and solutions. TRIXMEDIA’s product naming strategy
aims at bringing the essence of the products or services and fits in the concerned product family in the meantime

Company Naming
Company Naming


Powerful taglines are a great means to quickly grab your audience attention. They can also become iconic just like your brand name.Here we help you find out the right tagline which rightly suits your service or product.
Utilizing our creative skills and practical knowledge we develop clever taglines or slogans which clearly describes your brand. .

Trademark Screening

Getting a brand name to market is not just enough. The name must be available for use finally. TRIXMEDIA makes thorough preliminary trademark screening. We help our clients knock out brands unfit for Federal applications and registrations. Rigorous clearance search is conducted to determine conflicting
trademarks in use which have not undergone legal clearance.

Company Naming

How We Work

  • Research

    We understand that thorough research is
    required to get you ahead of your competitors. TRIXMEDIA team starts by collecting
    information that matches your requirement

  • Discuss

    We discuss with the clients,
    our initial strategy and ensure that your requirements and our strategies match.

  • Create

    Creative thinking is the key. We brainstorm, generate
    names that make sense and
    are available for use.

  • Screen

    Creating a few names is not just enough. We know that for sure. We check them for the
    trademark, URL and linguistic viability, and
    sure that the names are available for use further.

  • Present

    The way we present names is totally different.
    It will be formal, but we present them in a
    way letting them coming to life

  • Finalize

    The optimal decision is up to you. You may decide
    on the finalization of names.
    But we’ll be here to guide you.


.Com Registration

Getting a domain name may seem easy. But if you are looking to maximize your web presence, you require well-planned web hosting strategies which work.
Domain names speak volumes about your business and your websites. It’s one of the ideal means to obtain instant credibility for your brands.
At TRIXMEDIA, we do domain name registration, transfers, protection, domain expiration protection, domain privacy services and much more of the related services to make your websites look more professional.

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