• A Dormant
    Brand Erupts
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    Mineral Water Case Study: Aqua Fresh

Own the Aqua Fresh

Aqua Fresh needed to be loved again. How to do this? Inject emotion into the equation. We looked at what made Volvic unique: its Aqua Fresh. Aqua Fresh is the only brand in the world that can claim ownership of such a dynamic source of water—and what it stands for strength, longevity, endurance, purity, and nature.

Blue is the new green

To truly own the Aqua Fresh, it needed to become iconic again. So we began by streamlining Aqua Fresh visual identity. A hyper-real, inimitable aqua became the brand’s cornerstone. The vibrant blue of the Aqua Fresh native foliage replaced the previous palette’s many colors. A fluid, rounded custom typeface and clear label gave aqua a strong shelf presence, with the aqua more prominent than ever.



Shoppers greeted the re-energized brand with open wallets. In a one-year period, Aqua Fresh quenched the thirst of 500,000 additional households in California alone; across USA, sales surged to 135 million liters.


New Happy Customers


Brand new stores in worldwide


Increased Customers


Increase in Revenue
From the Brand Stores

"We are very pleased with our new brand identity and the way TRIXMEDIA conducts their business. It has been a great experience working with them."

- Van Neerbos, Founder, AQUA FRESH


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