Branding packages suits your business

Effectively communicative branding helps your business get noticed better.

Brand Foundation

Brand Foundation

If you’re a blossoming business, this is just the solution for you. We’ll help you establish a firm footing in your niche and get closer to achieving your market goals.

Brand Refresh


If your branding needs a makeover, opt for this. From choosing the right colors and typography to establishing brand consistency, we’ll help you build business exposure and image.

Brand Support


TRIXMEDIA helps you be the gem among natural stones. This package is specially designed to support you in your brand storytelling with some custom fine-tuning and polishing.

Brand Acceleration


Through various strategies such as focusing on your brand strengths, freshening up the outdated, and increasing positive word of mouth, TRIXMEDIA accelerates your brand’s growth.


Define your Brand with Impressive Names

An impressive and powerful brand name is a vital part of communicating your brand message. Get a unique name that adds to your company's value and brings you business for the long term.

Wowal Shoes Branding

We Understand your Customers

Customer satisfaction or the lack of it can make or break your brand! TRIXMEDIA conducts extensive customer research to identify customer segments, behaviors, and requirements, why they use a particular product, and how. We tailor our branding strategies around the results of this research to better attract your target customers and help increase ROI. Time-tested solutions, transparent communication, and professionalism are what you can expect along the way.

peppies Branding

We Distinguish your Brand

Amid stiff competition, it is no small achievement to have a brand that stands out. By understanding the buyer persona and with streamlined marketing tactics, we help distinguish you from the pack. Partnering with you, we’ll create a branding package that touches mind and heart. We’ll help you effectively convey the value, message, and personality of your brand through multiple channels.

Branding Solution

Our Success Speaks for Itself

Your brand is a reflection of whom you are, and getting it right is crucial to us. With considerable experience in working with various sizes of businesses, TRIXMEDIA branding services are unique and ensures success. We know how to create branding solutions that resonate well with the audience they’re meant for. From logo design and brand messaging to enhancing customer engagement, we work with the commitment to achieve your branding goals.

Logo Branding

Professional Brand  Documents

Here are the set of case studies for those who wish to glance at the creative flows for the logo and identity design.


Case Studies

CASE STUDY Eat Your Choco
 Organic Eat Your Choco
CASE STUDY Hilton Wines
Hilton Wines Branding
CASE STUDY Polomac Shoes
Polomac Shoes Branding