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    Wine Label Case Study: Hilton Wines

A Label Loved by the Art

Hilton loved label has taken its inspiration form Art.The two passions of the founder,mountains and sailing were chosen to describe the figur e and spirit of Hirbod Human.The Art,a spirit that unites both elements, is represented by an unfurled sail that opens up between the mountains.

The label is designed by the Art Director Hirbod Human of the TRIXMEDIA and is a composition on several levels that depicts the mountain peaks of the fine art.

Fine Hand Painter

Our Response

Every wine has a story.And it's our job to interpret and communicate it visually,in the most convincing and engaging way. The name of the game is to bring the individual wine's story to life,in a space that's on average, 95mm x 105mm. It's about consdensing the visual concept,graphic clues and treatment of the name, onto a tiny canvas,Above all to bring a distinctive quality and personality that demands interest,attention and prefernce. Once on the shelf or in the restaurant,the label has to do the ulitmate selling job and reflectin the quality in the bottle.

Wine Label


With this outrageous impact,we came across some very valuable outcomes that reflected in their business,


New Happy Customers


Subscribers to in store retail list


Increased Customers


Increase in Revenue


TRIXMEDIA is simply the best at what they do. They didn't just create a label for the brand, they helped us communicate what we stand for."


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