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Social Media 101: YouTube

Social Marketing 101 - YouTube

In recent times, it has become imperative to establish your brand and online presence through social media platforms. While Facebook and Twitter remain the most familiar names in the game, Google + and YouTube are just as important to your website growth and gaining visibility - if not more important. As Google is the most widely used search engine, having an updated Google + and YouTube account will always benefit your SEO. In fact, they should be the two social media platforms you focus on the most as Google owns them- they are the most basic SEO strategy for any business! Naturally, Google crawlers show a little favoritism to their own Google products and place a higher value on YouTube videos and Google + posts and profiles. Before we get started discussing how to make YouTube and Google + work for you, here are some basic stats regarding these two tools that your business should and must be using to positively impact your ranking with search engines.

YouTube Statistics:

  1. More than 6 billion hours of video are viewed using YouTube each month.
  2. Each month, YouTube has over one billion users. Compare this to Facebook’s 1.23 billion active users.
  3. 40% of YouTube’s global watch time is done on mobile devices.

Basically, YouTube is only behind Google in search engine scope. It may be surprising, but YouTube provides exposure for things other than just music videos or film trailers. You can utilize YouTube for business purposes by posting video clips of team collaboration or conferences, visual demos, or spoken bits relating to your business philosophy and motivation. Since Google owns YouTube, frequently updating the channel with videos positively impacts your business’ SEO.

Best YouTube Practices:

  • Create your YouTube account using your generic Google login, and make sure the information is consistent with your other social media accounts (ie. the address, email, phone numbers, etc. should match your Google +, and other listings).
  • While you do not necessarily need to hire a production company for every video that is posted, it is important to be as professional as possible. Some helpful hints to ensure a nice quality YouTube video for you business regardless of budget are as follows:
  • Have a written script that has been rehearsed, and make sure all the people in the video speak clearly and concisely.
  • Use the highest resolution camera available and decent microphones if possible- usually someone around the office has a camera with good video capabilities.
  • Professional settings should relate to your video, or simply have a quiet, neutral backdrop.
  • It is best to keep videos short. Since YouTube audiences are generally impatient and prefer short videos that get the message across, it is important to be straight to the point. For example, demo videos should be under 30 seconds.
  • In your video, include a call-to-action along with your business contact info. Effective call-to-action messages across the screen like “Visit our website at to view our entire inventory and learn more” can be added with basic editing skills.
  • Always, always make sure to tag your video, so that YouTube users searching relevant topics can actually find it when they search through the site. Tags should be based on the topic your video will address, your industry or services, and even the location where the video was shot or where your business exists. Use the main keyword you are targeting/ tag in the video’s title as well. This is just like tagging on any other social media platform.
  • Selecting the correct, relevant category when posting your video is also very important ie. Does your video fit in ‘Informative’ or ‘Reviews’ Category?

Get Started:

  1. First, setup an account and channel on YouTube. Make sure all the fields have been filled out and correlate with your credentials on other listings and social media. Cross-link the channel to your website, and all your other social media profiles (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Google +).
  2. Add your company description which should match description on other social profiles. If possible, also describe the types and topics of videos that your channel will feature.
  3. Be sure to provide your company logo and an interesting banner to have an eye-catching appeal for your channel which also represents your company.
  4. Now, you are ready to upload your video once it has been recorded!
  5. Finally, share your video! Simply embed your YouTube video on your main company website, and across all other social profiles. The video should also be embedded on your blog, or other related blogs where you can post. Add links to your video and channel in any email newsletters you send...and keep the ball rolling!

It is important to not neglect this helpful resource from Google, as it is free, and Google favors its own tools!

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