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How To Increase Word of Mouth Referrals

How To Increase Word of Mouth Referrals

There is no better form of advertising for a business than word of mouth referrals, as not only are they more likely to lead to new business, best of all, it’s free! Increase the number and quality of word of mouth referrals for your business and you will drastically improve its chances of success. Start by keeping the following factors in mind.

Focus on building trust

If you want your customers to be singing your praises focus on building a relationship with them rather than taking a hard sell approach. Offering free tips and advice will help to establish you as an expert in your field, as well as ensure that you stay relevant to those you are targeting. Getting to know your customers and making it easy for them to get to know you will strengthen your brand considerably; it will also help you establish a deeper connection and lead to word of mouth referrals.

Be generous

Showcasing your generosity is a fantastic way to create hype around your business and show that you care about more than just your customers’ money. Whether you support a local sports team, donate items to a local charity’s silent auction or offer a scholarship to a nearby university, show your generosity and it is sure to be noticed.

Provide amazing products and/or services

The easiest way to get people talking about your business is by providing amazing products and services, because most people will be far more likely to recommend your business if they are confident that you won’t make them look foolish for doing so. If your business consistently provides the highest quality products or services in your industry you should have no trouble earning word of mouth referrals.

Build partnerships and alliances

Connecting with other businesses is a great way to reach new audiences, especially if the businesses you partner with are well known and respected. Your business will not only enjoy exposure to a whole lot of potential new customers through your collaborations, you will also score some word of mouth referrals just by associating with those well-known brands.

Elevate your customer service

The experience surrounding a purchase is just as important as the product or service itself, especially when it comes to making a customer happy enough to promote you to their friends. Providing high quality, comprehensive customer service will make it clear to your customers that you are a business that cares about them, not just their money. The way that you deal with problems is particularly important, so be as understanding and responsive as possible. Even if it costs your business some money to satisfy an unhappy customer, the word of mouth referrals that you will get for your efforts will make it a worthwhile investment.

Make it easy for people to find you

It will be hard for anyone to recommend your business if there is no easy way for people to find you. Having a decent website, social media profiles, a toll free number or an easily accessible location will make a huge difference, as this will make it easy for people to tell their friends or family not just how great you are but where they can find you. Being easy to find will greatly increase the chance of a word of mouth referral leading to a new customer

If you want your business to reach its full potential you need your customers to help spread the word about just how great your business is. You will likely be doing all you can to keep your customers coming back anyway, so if you can convince them to tell their friends, even better!

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