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Why Consumer Review is Important for Your Business

Consumer Review

Have you ever planned to order anything online? What was the first thing that you looked up for? It is obvious that you directly went to the customer review section to better understand the product. Or probably would have checked for the star rating. If this is your story, you would know why consumer review is important for your business. But if you are still unsure how to set it up or where to get it, read on to get more tips on obtaining quality reviews.

Impact of Online Reviews According to Bright Local Consumer Review Survey of 2018.

86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses.

57% of consumers will only use a business if it has 4 or
more stars

Customers are more likely to spend 31% more on business
with excellent reviews.

Reviews can create a great impact on buyer behavior. This way, you could proactively build your online reputation. However, it is not just the impact on buyer decision, it has a greater influence on search engine rankings as well. Webpages with reviews appear more in the search results of search engines. It would add on to your organic search rankings. For every review written about your products or services, your relevance and authority over the web go higher which attributes to your search engine rankings. In addition, here are some of the key benefits which online reviews bring for your business:

Profitability and Higher Conversions

A positive review is powerful enough to convert your visitors into customers. Just by seeing the five stars or some genuine comments about the products, people consider buying the product. You don’t have to spend much on other ads, just the review section is enough to make your business profitable.

Help with Decision Making

Whether it is to buy household stuff, order food or to plan a holiday trip, people need assistance to help with their decision making. The most common tendency is to check online for customer reviews and recommendations to decide on the best choice available.

Give Room for Improvement

Just like the positive reviews, possibilities of receiving unfair feedbacks are also high. Genuine unfair feedback would enable you to reassess your products or services and make required changes if any.

Consumer Review
Where to Get Reviews You might be clear about the purpose of consumer reviews, by now. But, you must be wondering where to get those. Here is a list of top trusted review sites where you could reach for the same:
  • Google - Try Google's My Business free tool for your business to manage your online presence across Google. To get this done, first of all, you need to enter and verify your business information to complete the registration with this. The given business data will be added to Search, Maps and Google + so that the customers can easily track a location from any gadget.

  • Facebook - It is a truth that people prefer to share their feedback on social media channels than anywhere else. As you know, Facebook is a social networking platform where anyone can create a profile, share videos, and photos. It is the same for businesses as well. While creating business profiles, you can keep the space open for your consumers to share their experience with your brands or companies. Facebook is placed on position 3 in the Alexa ranking. It has around 85.57 million average monthly U.S traffic.

  • Amazon - Amazon is most widely used for e-commerce related transactions. Getting reviews for your e-commerce products is much easier, convenient and reliable through this site. Since 2015, it works on an improved version. Which means, since then it has improved its review system giving special focus on consumer reviews and is up-to-date.

  • Yelp - Yelp - 102 million reviews and still counting - this is the present status of Yelp. This is one of the popular business reviews sites widely used for local businesses. When it comes to small business, people really care about what others have to say about it to make a purchase decision. Yelpers also help small businesses improve their reputation and performance through the business reviews they receive through this platform.

  • Tripadvisor - If yours is a travel-related business, TripAdvisor is worth considering. This is primarily a travel website where people can comment about the places they visited, make hotel and flight bookings, and the related. The site has the 88th position in Alexa ranking (US) and has an average of 28.27 million US traffic.

  • Yellowpages - Yellowpages primarily focused on helping local businesses to grow. The site is owned by YP. It has connections over 19 million local businesses and 10.5 million average monthly U.S traffic (Alexa). Hence, for your local business to flourish, getting listed in Yellowpages is a good option.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) - BBB encourages people to recommend trustable businesses. This way it helps consumers in identifying trusted businesses and keeps them from scammers and fraudulent businesses. It has an average of 6.15 million monthly U.S traffic, and 824th U.S ranking (Alexa).

  • Angie's List - Angie’s List is a platform that offers reviews on service professionals in local areas. Services, pets, house, health and various are the categories you could find here. The members are open to grade the companies they are in touch with, using a report card which scales from A - F. Your business will get commented on its professionalism, quality, responsiveness or anything related. Average monthly US traffic (Alexa) of this site is 5.44 million.

The list of review sites is not just limited to this, there are many more trusted sites out there. All you have to do is, to create different spaces for your business in all these sites and provide more room for your customers to comment on.

Moreover, the demand for online reviews and recommendations is rising at a steady pace year by year. It is just because consumers consider reviews more trustworthy than ads of any other type. Even the ever-changing Google local SEO algorithms give more visibility and rankings for those with consumer reviews.

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