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Website Redesign Guidelines For 2019

Website Redesign Guidelines

Your websites should get revamped often to keep up with the market trends, attract more traffic and to stand the neck to neck competitive market. Navigation, scalability, efficiency, user-friendliness, search engine compatibility and many are the factors which you would have to consider while going through the process of redesigning. This task may seem quite confusing and daunting.

Here are a few guidelines which you could follow as you head in to 2019:

Analyze your current website

As a first step, you need to audit your website. Find out the key performance indicators for your website, and what is working and not. See if your sales is improving, website’s design is appealing and user experience is satisfactory. If your answer is no, you need to start working from here. Reducing bounce rates and gaining more customer attention should become your prime goal.

Analyse the traffic pattern of your website and the keywords you have used. If you are confused how to do this, you may try Google Analytics. What does the analytics reports show? High bounce rate? If yes, find out problem areas which you need to work on. You should discover which all pages have got higher bounce rate. Specifically work on those and fix the issues. Heat maps or Scroll maps are another good option to analyze the behaviour of your website visitors. If you prefer to get a detailed information about your website visitors’ activity within your web pages, Recordings is a good option. Through this analytical method, you could find out if they had clicked, scrolled or interacted with your website.

Have a look at your competitor’s websites

Competitive analysis is the next step to follow. Spend time researching on your competitors websites and other leading ones. Think innovative and get new ideas which goes with yours. Based on your evaluation, start working on your websites to make it better than that of your competitors’. Redesign your website for quick navigation and faster loading.

Consider these questions and streamline your strategy accordingly for better results:

  • What is your service?
  • What makes you better than your competitors?
  • Why should people consider reaching your website?

Your website should be redesigned in such a way to grab your audience attention. Show off what defines your brand. Your visitors should find that uniqueness in your website.

In other words, it should maintain an emotional bonding with your visitors that they find no reason to leave your page.

Identify New Goals

Maybe this is a time to take new twists and turns. Unlike the previous year, this year you should start your planning process by setting a strategy fixing all the issues you have had before. You might have to identify new goals for your new site. Here are a few priorities you could set for this:

  • Increase in traffic
  • Lower bounce rate
  • More signups
  • More purchases
  • Increase newsletter signups

As you begin working on these, you will get a clear picture on the areas which need more attention. Develop a digital strategy based on these new goals. Besides, if you have plans to add new functionalities or modify any existing one, you must consider these two elements - navigation and design.

Website Redesign Guidelines

Make sure it is responsive

Responsiveness should be a focal point in your redesigning efforts. Always focus on bringing up functional changes which improve the user experience. Tailor your website’s layout suitable for the website visitors. See if you have considered these factors before:

  • Does your website showcase properly on all different browsers?
    You can use Browsershots, to find out this. With the help of this, you can check browser compatibility on different operating systems.
  • Is your website easily displayable on all gadgets, including mobile phones, laptops and tablets?
  • Are those graphics on website easily loadable? Are they optimized?

The overall layout, text and, image resolution of your website should be compatible with any type of gadget screens. Create a responsive design and fix any compatibility issues your website might have had.

Website Redesign Guidelines

Optimize Your Website

Website optimization is an important thing to consider during the redesigning process. Once you are done with revamping your website, focus on optimizing the entire thing. First of all, to stay competitive in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), your website should keep up with the latest SEO techniques. Find out what is trending in 2019. Video integration, mobile compatible designs and detailed content are a few among them. Optimizing for voice search is another important SEO tactic. These days people mostly depend voice search assistant instead of typing. Hence, this part should not be missed at any cost.

Moreover, if you feel it’s worth optimizing your website, consider these factors also:

  • A short and impressive title for your content
  • Use of most commonly searched keywords
  • Content which go well with your target audience
  • A description which directly communicates your business
  • Your active participation in social networks
  • Linking with your visitors

To conclude, if you make proper analysis and develop a website redesigning strategy based on these guidelines, you could easily propel your business forward and obtain desired results with your newly redesigned website.

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