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TRIXMEDIA Listed as a Top Branding Agency

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Amidst the pandemic stress, recognition from Design Rush is like a perk for any company out there. TRIXMEDIA is recognized as a Top Branding Agency and web design firm by Design Rush in 2020. The design rush, as we know, is well known for connecting clients and agencies. Clutch researchers have also recognized us as Top Automotive industry web designers in 2019. The website, Manifest, is a sister concern of Clutch, who provides detailed reviews for entrepreneurs, has also featured us under the category as Top 100 digital agencies in the world. Viewing the TRIXMEDIA portfolio and reading reviews, you can refer to Visual Objects, which give importance to the creativity of digital technologies by presenting their portfolios.


We’re Honored to be Listed Among the Top Branding Agency in 2020

by DESIGN RUSH Research

We introduce ourselves as a digital branding and web design agency based in Los Angeles, CA, established in 2003. We assist our customers in services such as Branding, Naming, Product Design, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, Online Advertising, and Business Consulting. We are client-centric and hence focus on their satisfaction and requirements.

We aim to create quality solutions, present innovatively, and work in a team to make a successful company with a good reputation.

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Our team has a successful expertise staff such as business strategists, researchers, designers, developers, and writers who strive hard to make our clients win. Our team’s experience, dedication, commitment, and unique outlook and thought process towards a specific project is mind-boggling.

Our brand strategists help with market research analysis of a product or service and develop a marketing plan by understanding the current market trends and data.

Very keenly, we try to understand our clients to know their vision to bring it in reality. Social media is a lifeline for small as well as large businesses, and our marketing professionals assist them by putting life into it. Our efforts are to help them overcome the challenges faced in this journey.

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