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TRIXMEDIA Inc. Makes Clutch 1000 List!

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No matter the size of the company or the type of industry, to be a successful business in today’s digital climate it is going to need to bring its brand to the online world. The overwhelming majority of target audiences spend time making purchasing decisions and discovering companies online. We have seen a trend of companies struggling to keep up with the digital age and reach their customers effectively. Our team at TRIXMEDIA specializes in digital strategy and online branding to help your company stay ahead of its competition and create meaningful connections with your target market.

Since our start in 2003, we have been helping our clients create the ideal brand image online and connect to new markets. Recently our work has gained the spotlight of ratings and review company Clutch, who has accredited our company as being among the best website and logo designers in 2018.

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Clutch is a third-party company that conducts research on B2B companies and assigns them rankings based on their expertise in their respective fields. On their platform, companies looking for potential partners are able to view shortlists of the top service providers and compare them directly! Included on our page is an overview of who we are, our overall rating, and specific examples of our previous work.

Here are a few of the testimonials that can be found on our Review page:

  • "We're really happy to have a brand new website that we can be proud of."

    L.B | Shawn Steel Law Firm

    Ratings And Reviews
  • "We’ve seen a solid performance from TRIXMEDIA Inc. They have fantastic taste."

    R.J | Olive Terrace Bar and Grill

    Ratings And Reviews
  • "TRIXMEDIA gave us the tools to push us over $1 million in gross sales."

    S.K | Maria's Pizza

    Ratings And Reviews
  • "TRIXMEDIA Inc’s rebranding efforts have led the company down the right path."

    S.T | Shiraz Staging

    Ratings And Reviews

In correspondence with Clutch, our work has been highlighted on their sister-websites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. These sites serve as additional tools for companies by offering industry reports, lists of the top companies in different fields and regions, and specific examples of their work. They highlighted us as one of the top web designers to partner with in Los Angeles.

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In addition to being rated so highly on their platform, we are proud to announce that we are among the firms who have made the Clutch 1000 list as well. This is the first time that Clutch has created this exclusive list which features the top 1000 B2B firms from all across the globe. This recent recognition is a great milestone for our team at TRIXMEDIA as we look back at all of our accomplishments from over the years, and continue forward in the future!

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