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Touchpoints to facilitate interaction between customers and brands

Touchpoints to facilitate interaction between customers and brands

In today’s personalized digital era, brand success is determined by the extent to which customer experience is optimized. Hence the understanding of a customer’s buying lifecycle across various touch points is crucial. Rather than just having to stand alone with products and services. Evidently, this is because only a few customers are today interested in the predefined, off the shelf customer journey.

Optimizing the first touch-points

Factors such as who you are; your position in the market; and the value you provide your customer will make a certain impression on the customers.. And keeping this in mind, they buy your products and services. So optimizing the first touchpoints experience will help you keep a consistent brand promise, to satisfy customer expectations.

If brand positioning is the byproduct of customer experience, to what extent, can you plan and manage customer experience? Planning and managing is a difficult task because we won’t able to control customer experience—we can't predict buying context; the type of touchpoint; and the manner in which the experience occurs.

Understanding the touchpoints.

For improved customer interaction, you need to analyze customer interactions such as, what they are; and the location where they take place, etc. That will help work toward the improvement of customer interactions across the various touch points.

Get the touchpoints appropriate and relevant

Touchpoints to facilitate interaction between customers and brands
According to Chris Ridson (Design Director, Adaptive Path), touchpoints should treat customers:

  • Appropriate: Getting the touch points and the cultural tone appropriate.
  • Relevant: Meeting the buying needs of the customer
  • Endearing: Creating the desirability of the product for the customer

To meet these criteria, you to need to have a proper designing strategy with an extensive user research, which helps you look at how the design is being shaped appropriately.

Unified view of customer touchpoints

To become a successful marketer, you need to clear the hindrance within your organization that will help develop a coherent brand experience. So your market researchers and creative team have to create a unified view of the touchpoints for your customers. Target your audience during touchpoint planning

Customers look for a relevant, value-adding, and customized brands experience at various touch point contexts. Also, they want the touch point experience flexible enough to complete a purchasing task, for example, through Twitter/ Facebook, etc. Hence the success rate of a brand depends on how it balances itself with the demands of customers—to ensure a heightened customer experience across various touch points.


The touchpoints facilitate customer interaction with service/ product or brand. Hence that demands a clear understanding of these touchpoints, to enable you to design better customer experiences across these points. And this also helpful in improving customer journey mapping exercises.

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