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Common social media mistakes to avoid

Common social media mistakes to avoid

Social media has revolutionized the way that businesses interact with the general public, so if your business isn’t active on social media yet, it is high time you started. However, simply being active on social media is certainly no guarantee of success, as one wrong move can lead to disaster. Make sure that your business is trending for all the right reasons by avoiding the following social media mistakes.

Using an inconsistent voice

It is important for your business to maintain a consistent voice throughout all of your social media messaging, because inconsistency will undermine the strength and appeal of your brand. While you should avoid your messaging from sounding too robotic, being overly friendly or chatty can be just as damaging. Keep in mind that your business social activity should reflect your business, not your own personal opinions, and it is wise to avoid getting involved in divisive or controversial topics. It will also be easier to maintain a consistent tone and voice if you centralize your social media messaging and designate one person as responsible for handling all activity.

Being unresponsive

Unlike traditional marketing, social media is meant to be more of a conversation, so avoid talking at people with your messaging. Whether someone has a direct question for you, a complement or even a criticism, it is important that you respond, though you should avoid getting into arguments over social media as this will make you look unprofessional. If it becomes clear that someone has a serious issue that your business needs to address, you are best to handle it offline with a personal phone call. If the person in charge of handling your business’s social media accounts is away for some reason, ensure that someone else will be available to respond if anything comes up.

Leaving online profiles incomplete

If you are going to bother setting up a business profile on any social media platform take the time to complete it; otherwise your half-finished effort will reflect poorly on your business. If you are unsure how to make your profile look great there are plenty of tips and advice online, but if you simply don’t have time to spend on your profile you are better off not creating one until you can do so properly.

Forgetting about images

Don’t make the mistake of only ever sending text based messages, because including a well-chosen image every now and then is a great way to stand out. Choose images that add context or perspective to your message where possible and don’t be afraid of using humor; however, it is best to avoid anything that could be construed as offensive or tasteless.

Not paying attention to what others are saying

It can be hard to stay up to date with what everyone is saying about you on social media but it is important that you do; otherwise it is easy for misinformation to spread quickly and undermine your brand. It is also good to know if there is positive hype about your business so that you can strategically position yourself to make the most of it. You don’t need to spend hours poring over social media channels each day either, as there are a wide range of social media managing tools available that can take care of this for you.


While it is important to have a regular presence on social media, don’t overdo it, because inundating people with dozens of posts will quickly cause resentment. Try and limit your posts to when you have something valuable to contribute, as this way people are more likely to see you an expert whose messages are worth reading.

Regardless of whether your business is active on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, what you say or post on social media can have a dramatic impact on your brand. For best results, educate yourself on how to use each platform, take a measured approach and don’t get carried away.

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