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How to Use Pinterest and Maximize Engagement

How to Use Pinterest and Maximize Engagement

Pinterest is a visual platform where people can browse and collect images. Pinterest has been rapidly growing in popularity. This is especially true amongst women, who make up more than 80% of Pinterest users. Most popular “Pin” Categories include Food & Drink, DIY & Crafts and Home Decor. Pinterest is an excellent way to gain traffic to your website when done correctly and can even help increase profit and sales.

Getting started with Pinterest can be scary, as Pinterest has it’s own lingo and practically needs a dictionary. What is a pin? What is the meaning of a repin? Well here is our Pinterest Glossary to break down “pinning” terms & help you get started on how to use Pinterest.

Pin - Pins are images  that have been added from a PC or a Website into Pinterest.

Repin - Pin that has been pinned (or, in other words, shared) onto another board

Board - A Collection of pins, usually organized in specific categories, like Fluffy Cats or Gray Elephants

Pinner - A Pinterest User

Like - An action that puts the “liked” pins into a section of your profile, but is not pinned and shows you enjoy a pin.

Follower - Pinners (or users) whose boards you want to follow (or continually stay updated with by seeing new posts). You can follow a Pinner (and all of their boards) or a just an individual Board that interests you.

Getting Started

Sign up or login at

Set up your profile - You can set up your profile and enter in your information, add an image to represent you, then set up your notification settings. You can do this by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner, selecting Settings , and customize as desired.

Creating Boards

To begin, you should first create boards related to your interests or industry. Do this by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner and selecting Your Profile and Pins. Then click Create a Board. Give your board a descriptive name and description - it is best to use appropriate keywords and hashtags (#). Do not artificially inject them, because no one likes a phony. Using keywords and hashtags can help your board be discovered by fellow pinners with similar interests or industries.

Start Pinning

To pin your content or content from a website, select a board and click Add a Pin. Next, select the option you want to use. Then select the board that you want to pin the content to, and give it a valuable description. Much like in Board description, the use of keywords and hashtags will help your pins be found and repinned by other users. When creating descriptions think about how you would search for content that you are pinning. Your pins will be added to your board for others to view and repin.

Repinning Is the Point

Sharing your own content is important, but what Pinterest is really all about is repinning other users’ pins. Then in turn they pin your pins. Interaction is the best way to get noticed and actually have fun on Pinterest. To repin, you simply search your interest in the left hand corner search field, and start browsing and pinning to appropriate boards. The repins you make will be added to your board just like original pins and your followers can see it.

Interact with Pinners and gain a Following

Pinning & repinning is very fun in itself, but to get results such as gaining potential website traffic and even profit -you will need followers. Pinterest, much like twitter and Instagram has followers. The more people you follow, the more people will follow you back. The best way to gain followers is to search out a board of similar category to your own and follow their followers. Repin their content as appropriate into corresponding boards and like their pins.

You may search out an Industry Giant and follow them, along with their followers. For example, if your board is about Vegetarian Food, you may search for the Food Network and their followers, or PETA and their followers.

Content Really is King

When you pin and repin, be sure that everything relates to the board you place them on. Also make sure you always pin unique and engaging content. For Businesses, it is a great idea to put your whole inventory into Pinterest. When you write descriptions, use correct spelling and grammar… that necessity hasn’t died yet.

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