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Media Manager

To manage media files on the website such banner images, content images, audio or video files please follow step below:

  1. Login to the the backend of the website.
  2. To open Media Manager please go to Content > Media Manager
  3. On the left side of the Media Manager page click on Banners ( you should store all your images under banner folder. Please do not use other folders)
  4. Now you can browse all files and folders that you’ve uploaded before
  5. Please use Upload File to upload your image file in JPG, GIF or PNG format and press Start Upload. Please upload images in a exact size and format as you want to appear on the site. Resizing or Cropping images inside editor can cause unresolvable issues. Also please name your files properly before uploading them. File names must be all lowercase with no symbols or space, not longer than 25 letters. Dashe and underlines are OK.
  6. After you've uploaded your image file, find it and click on it for preview
  7. Right click on the pop-up image and select Copy Image URL
  8. Paste that URL into Insert Image popup inside editor

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