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Marketing is an art of storytelling

Marketing is an art of storytelling

Marketing and branding are nothing but storytelling – of brand and service to target customers. Consumers and marketers have different stories to tell about product or service. Consumers don’t know the complete story or truth around the product they buy or recommend to others.

But consumers do know the story of why they prefer, advocate and complain about the product. They also tell their buying decision, product utility, and the emotional impact, of the product they purchase. Similarly, marketers have similar stories to tell about the different product/service they sell to their customers. The most effective and remarkable stories focus NOT on the product / service you sell. They focus more to answer customer queries — what you do and why you do and why customers should purchase.

Convince your customers

Convince the customers why they should buy your product — how the product solve their problem. If you are not able to convince, they may be abandoning you forever. So, you need to understand customers buying behavior, means treating them as the hero. Once an organization buys your product, it becomes your buyer. So building an ongoing customer success is key to your future relations with it (organization). Jeffrey Moore’s “Crossing the Chasm” talks of customer’s different behaviors at different stages at the innovation cycle. His writing is based on Everett Roger’s seminal book on “The Diffusion of Innovation”.

Simplify your brand story

We should not misunderstand “Simplified Story” as being simplistic. It is to combine the purpose and value of the product that you offer to the customer. So, analyze what your product represent in the customer's’ mind, rather to think about product you represent. You need to keep asking why your product matter to the customers – the essence of your product!

Focus your customers

Simplicity in storytelling is all about connecting with your customers rather than your product. The story tells about the customers, and their lives. Puts it otherwise, the story is customer centric because they are the hero. You guide them to easily navigate their journey until they purchase your product.

Brand story that captures the essence of your brand

Do you know how to tell a brand story that help capture your brand essence? Brand story that tells the essence of your brands, provides a reason: why your customers should listen to you and to buy your product?

Marketing goes conversational

Today’s marketing is more conversational, in tone, with the customers than communicative to them. With always-on social media and always-on mobile devices trends, storytelling time span has reduced dramatically. So “long form stories” gave way for the stories told in seconds in the online marketing. The way we consume digital media along with a huge volume of content, throws a challenge. The challenge: How do you manage your storytelling within a shrunken timeframe?

Building a Compelling 6-Second Brand Story

You need to tell your business story in just 6 seconds timeframe, to build a connection. Within this timeframe, give a reason to your customers to care; reason to listen more to you! And they may not come back to you if the connection between you and the customers is lost.

Today’s digital environment is fast faced and cluttered. So make sure your brand story does:

  • Solve your customer’s pain point or problem
  • Make them emotional. Customers first measure a product emotionally and later rationalize the buying decision.
  • Make them the hero of the story you tell, not your brands. Because they reach the correct decision to buy your service / product to satisfy their needs.

...And above all, you have to do these things in 6 seconds.

Because the maximum time you get is 6 seconds as customers quickly skip to another site. So understand what factors drive them to listen and then purchase. And then create an integrated marketing strategy to enhance your storytelling approach. With the strategy, you can create your story in a simplistic, compelling and clear manner. This help build profitable and productive customer experience and your customers become your brand advocates.

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