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Managing Custom Fields

Custom fields are the categories which describe products in more detail, they are used for sorting products. A custom field for a lamp store can be “Type” which is the general category and can include attributes like:

  • Floor Lamp
  • Reading Lamps
  • Pendant Lamps
  • Table Lamps
  • Accent Lamps

Website visitors can then sort by the type of a lamp.

To manage click Products and select Custom Fields.

A list of custom fields that have already been created will be displayed.

To add new Custom Fields and their attributes click New.

Fill out the fields and remember to give your new Custom Field a unique Title.

Cart Attribute - Whether the attribute will have a charge. For example if the custom field of the lamp is “switch type” and it’s attributes include “motion sensor” and “clap-on” , these may be attributes that will add to the total price of the product.

Show On Cart - Whether the custom fields attributes will be visible in cart.

Description - This is the title of the custom fields visible to users, and the label shown in sidebar.

Leave default, tooltip and layout position blank.

Is a list? - Whether the custom fields attributes will be displayed in a list format or not.

Is a size menu? - Whether the custom field attributes will be displayed in the size menu style (in boxes)

Press the Save button in the top right corner.

Managing Custom Fields

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