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Machine learning and the branding challenges ahead

Machine learning and brand Challenge

It’s an indisputable fact that human experience has been consistently on the churn since the invention of computers. We might be far from a social overhaul that could offset the current status of our social structure due to huge strides made in machine learning. This does not mean the not-so-subtle advances computing has garnered and adapted into our branding ecosystems have not lead to revolutionary changes in the way we advertise. It’s easy to put this into perspective when you realize that a social media manager or an SEO analyst were not job descriptions that would have existed a decade ago. Technological innovations can give and they can take; and make no mistake, the dynamic architecture of something as innovative as machine learning comprehensively mass produced through public demand would eventually create as many jobs as it might destroy them. Where would you place your brand in a market that is bloated from terrific strides of progress each waking hour? It is only fair that it should be mentioned despite an attractive future that looks to be major part of an emerging branding culture; our current marketing techniques are rather one dimensional in their ability to reach out to the expected target audience limited due to the message’s redundancy. Here are a few ways machine learning is going to distort the sort of marketing techniques that have been functioning on the mainstream.

It is bound to restructure our conservative ideas of creativity

Imagine Coca-Cola hitting mainstream perception of an attractive ad hard on the bulls eye with a poster that featured Santa Claus shooing someone’s pet terrier while indulging in a bit of coke. This was advertising genius that came out in the 1960’s. For us, that ad would be a piece of history but the creative value of this ad would have diminished to negative values. This is exactly what awaits current market trends of creative branding as the immediate future approaches.

Re-imagining the idea of automation

Machine learning and brand Challenge

The true revolution that awaits the world of branding with machine learning emerging as a reality lies in specialized modes of automatic interactions with potential consumers. Currently artificial intelligence suffers from the major limitation of being unable to mimic human interactions and responses to perfection. Potential applications like Cortana or Siri are brilliant innovations that are effective in aiding us with basic tasks. But the problem arises when someone asks Siri about Grinch’s second name and the result comes in web pages that explain Grinch’s origin. Intelligent, tailor made responses to specified queries are going to be the most innovative part of the upcoming revolution.

Evolution of personalization

There was a Nigerian Prince seeking patrons for the purpose of moving large sums of money out of his country a while back. He used to haunt inboxes with exotic promises of future wealth if we could indulge in a simple transaction of money towards his account. As much as this whole thing was spam, it was also a message that was aimed at a particular demographic among us. The late adopters of the internet who could quite possibly be gullible enough to concede to tricks like these. The future of machine learning would personalize every single message that would be likely to cross our paths. Machines could tailor make messages according to our personality profiles and current needs. What this means of course is a lesser degree of privacy and the encroachment of artificial intelligence into the realm of our personal needs. It means greater analysis of the kind of consumer a person could be and calculated message construction that could have a higher retention value in your head. Yes, the future we are looking at is the one where machines have intimate knowledge about the human being that you are inside.

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