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Keeping Your Customers Coming Back

Customers Coming Back

It costs on average 5 times more money to acquire a new customer than it does to keep one you already have, making it extremely important for your business success that you can keep your customers coming back. These are a few sure ways to do so.

Provide an amazing product or service

Exceeding your customers’ expectations will always make them happy, so be sure that any products or services that you provide are of the highest possible quality. Resist the temptation to put quantity before quality and your business will have no problems encouraging customer loyalty.

Offer free tips and advice

It is important for your business to be seen as relevant to its customers, and offering free tips and advice is a great way to start. Not only will this help establish you as an expert in your field, it will also show your customers that you care about more than just their money. Offering free tips and advice on your business website will encourage repeat visits and also boost your Google rankings.

Be consistent

People like to know what they are getting when they spend their money, so if you want customers to consistently support your business you need to be consistent yourself. Regardless of whether you make burgers, clothes or provide IT support, put systems in place that will ensure your products and services are always the same high quality.

Show your human side

Modern consumers want to know more about a business before choosing to support it, and the more you are willing to divulge about who you are and the motivation behind what you do, the greater your chances will be of making a good impression. Being active on social media is a wise move, as not only are there hundreds of millions of potential customers on there; it is also a fantastic way to open a line of communication with anyone that is interested.

Be generous

Everyone loves a great deal, and offering generous deals and discounts to your repeat customers is a sure fire way to keep them coming back. Holding competitions is another smart way to encourage repeat visits, especially if the competitions are fun and feature high quality prizes. Showcasing your generosity in the wider community will also help, as your customers will feel proud to be associated with a business that cares about people as well as profits.

Encourage feedback, listen and act

No one likes being talked at, including your customers, so encourage feedback whenever possible. Make it clear that you value the comments and concerns of your customers by listening to what people have to say and taking action where you can. If your customers see that you respect their opinion enough to base business decisions off what they have to say you are sure to enjoy their loyalty.

Be willing to customize

Being inflexible will always cost your business money, making it a smart move to be willing to provide custom products and services on a case-by-case basis. While you obviously can’t provide things that are out of the realm of what your business does, if someone is willing to pay for a slightly different version of something, if possible, provide it for them. Providing custom options won’t just make your business look great, it will also help to strengthen your brand and keep people coming back.

Repeat customers are worth an incredible amount to any business, so rather than take your loyal customers for granted, find ways to encourage them to maintain their loyalty. After all, constantly looking for new customers can be extremely expensive, especially for a small business.

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