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Instagram on Branding

Instagram on Branding

Looking to build your social media marketing portfolio with Instagram? It is more than just taking and sharing pictures with friends. You can use it as a cost-effective means to create brand awareness, engage more customers and generate leads with its advanced features. Get to know more about these.

The Instagram community is growing exponentially. It has now become a powerful marketing tool for many of the businesses today, as it has more follower engagement than other social media channels. According to Statista, there are more than 1 billion active users, with more than 60 million photos shared every day, and the shared posts receiving around 1.6 billion ‘likes’. Studies show that above 80% of users follow a business on this social media platform.

If you are already into Instagram and wondering how to make your marketing efforts fruitful, just try these simple yet easy-to-follow tips and techniques:

Free, but Powerful Instagram Tools

Understanding your crowd is of core importance to streamline your marketing strategies in a better way. For this, it is advisable to make use of Insights, the powerful analytics tool which Instagram offers. It will give you data on your followers, demographics, your content and the user activities. To access these details, you should have a business account. Thereafter, you could access data from your account page.

You will get a detailed analytical report including age group, location, active hours and other related demographic info of your followers. Other than these, you can obtain specific insights on the posts you have shared. This may include a weekly report on your top rated posts, the likes you have gained, and how the users interact with your posts. By tracking this way, you could obtain a clear picture of your followers and see if your Instagram activities are successful or not.

Instagram Ads

Compared to other social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, Instagram content generates increased engagement. It supports all types of Ads, this may include:

  • Photo - Visual Ads have got greater relevance in social media. Hence, photo Ads are an effective tool for businesses to showcase their products and tell their story. As it functions as an extension of Facebook, the viewability and reach of your Ads are indescribable. For this, all you have to do is to upload and share visually compelling images of your products that reveals your brand identity.
  • Video - It’s true that brands succeed with videos as people love watching videos and they are quite engaging. Compared to other digital Ad formats, video ads have the highest click-through rate. This feature was started a few years ago and it brought about a tremendous rise in viewership within 6 months itself. Videos are easy to share as well as, allow real-time interaction and feedback. A short 60 seconds video which briefly describes your business is just enough to get the audience attention you desire. But make sure those are mobile-friendly, and that your video settings are optimized. According to Facebook, videos with high resolution is important for better results.
  • Carousel/Dynamic Ads - Did you know that carousel ads can get you more click-through rate than the normal ones? It provides a different Ad experience than the traditional ones. In a single upload, you could include a slide or a series with 5 photos. This helps viewers scroll through multiple frames of your Ads. But to give a lasting impression, you need to offer a unique storyline - a step-by-step demonstration. For this, you may feature 5 different products on which a consumer could click and get required info, or you may any of your product used in 5 different ways..and much more are possibilities open up for you to make your Ads more engaging.
  • Stories - Instagram stories let users capture and share their business-related images and videos in a slideshow format. It helps businesses improve their marketing in terms of visibility and engagement. These types of Ads act as an interactive extension by motivating viewers to make frequent visits to your page. They are more real! Adding face filters, fun narrative texts or video effects would make your stories more catchy. This feature is available with Facebook and Snapchat, but comparitively, Instagram leads the competition in terms of active users, viewership and providing easy-to-use tools.
  • Stories Canvas - Instagrams says in a blogpost that the versatality of Canvas Ads are enabling marketers to showcase compelling brand and product stories. This advanced feature introduced by Facebook on Instagram is a great means to entice visitors to click on. Photos, videos, slideshow Ads, or anything you can share over this platform, which is a sure way to create an impression and seamless experience for the users. It provides a full-screen Ad experience for brands to bring life on mobile.

Instagram Ads also support Call-to-action buttons such as Apply Now, Book Now, Call Now, Contact Us and the related, which enables your customers to reach you right away.

Cross Promotion

It’s obvious that you have accounts across various social media platforms. You may have many followers or fans on your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account. Then, how about connecting them with your Instagram as well? Cross-promotion is one such method to get more audience attention by inviting them to follow you on your Instagram profile. As they are already following you on your other social media accounts, they wouldn’t mind following you here as well. Hence, it is a great idea to let all your followers to socially connect with your brand, this way. For your posts to obtain maximum reach, you need to widen your network.

There are different ways to cross-promote your stories. Hootsuite is one such tool, which helps you share your Instagram posts on other accounts. You can also share your Instagram video contents or share other related updates on your other social media accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Create Hashtags

Instagram is a broad marketing platform. Having millions of posts shared here each day, your ads may not get necessary attention unless the right tools are used. Use of right hashtags would help you with this. You may use a word or a series of words related to your post with the hash (#) symbol. They will do the rest of the tasks of organizing or categorizing your posts and help them reach the right audience.

It is a fact that savvy Instagramers generally make hashtag searches. Therefore, the use of hashtag with your content would give you more viewership, likes, and followers. Hashtags will draw the attention of users easily and push them to share your content. Another benefit is, if someone posts using the same hashtags you have used, their followers are also getting access to your brand and services.

May be you already knew all these techniques, but it is always important to workout the things you know more effectively. Try to keep an eye on your competitors, the things they do to engage their fans, and how they do it. This way, you could develop a creative strategy to streamline your online marketing efforts and generate leads. Moreover, Instagram offers you a huge potential audience. Hence, you don’t have to worry about attracting new followers.

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