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Increasing The Visibility of Your Brand

Increasing The Visibility of Your BrandIt is all well and good to have a strong brand backed by a great business, but it will be hard for people to support you if you aren’t on their radar. Increasing your brand’s visibility can mean a considerable boost to your customer base and the overall success of your business, so be on the lookout for any opportunity to turn a few more heads. The following ideas will make your brand a lot more visible to far more people.

Take a personal approach

People are more likely to engage with a brand if they get the sense that there is a real live person behind it, so don’t be afraid to offer up a few personal details regarding who you are and where you come from. Social media provides a fantastic way to create a more intimate connection with your customers, especially if you are responsive; however, always keep in mind that your brand is there to represent your business not your own personal views.

Tap into your network

One of the biggest assets any business has is its networks and finding ways to tap into yours can do wonders for boosting the visibility of your brand. Ask all those happy customers of yours if they’d be willing to write a testimonial for your website, and offer deals and discounts to those who refer their friends or family to your business.

Climb the Google rankings

The vast majority of people seek out their products and services online, making it crucial that your business features prominently on Google’s rankings. The best way to boost your Google ranking is by regularly posting quality content on your site, as this will not only boost your ranking but also make your site more attractive to potential customers. For best results, start a blog on your website and add at least one quality article each week.

Offer tips and advice

Establishing yourself as an expert in your field will boost your brand considerably, especially if you are willing to do so for free every now and again. While you won’t want to give away too many of your trade secrets, showing that you understand your customers by providing useful tips and advice will make it clear that you care about more than just their money. You can be sure that those who you are helping with your free advice will call you first if they ever need products or services that you offer.

Use images

Imagery can do a lot to add depth and perspective to a brand, especially if you choose those images carefully and don’t overuse them. Adding an occasional image to your tweets or Facebook posts will make your messaging far more memorable, as well as drastically increase the likelihood of people sharing your messages. Be careful to avoid any image that could be construed as insensitive or offensive in any way.

Collaborate strategically

A great way to make your brand visible to a lot more people is to collaborate with other businesses, particularly those who have a good reputation and whose market is at least slightly different from yours. Teaming up to hold a community event, hold a joint press conference or spearhead an initiative, is a great way to boost your brand’s visibility.

Attend the big events

Most industries have at least a few large events or conferences each year, so if you are looking for ways to boost your brand you had better be in attendance. If there is an opportunity to set up a booth, do so, as this can mean introducing your brand to hundreds of potential new clients, partners and allies; otherwise, at least ensure that you are there armed with business cards and ready to network.

Be generous

A wonderful way to make your brand more visible is by showing your generosity. While being generous with your customers by offering deals and sales will certainly help, contributing to community charities and fundraisers will do even more to enhance your reputation. Whether you help out with an annual event, sponsor a local sports team or offer scholarships to the local university, your generosity is sure to be noticed and very much appreciated.

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