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How to use the backend editor

Once you have logged in and navigated to the article manager, you can begin using the backend editor.

If you hover over the buttons in the editor, a tooltip will show up to help you.


By default, the text, images and styles will be put into the editor as a one column layout. To create different layout use the Columns button located right above the text box.

To get a two column layout insert column ½ and then column ½ last

To get a three column layout insert column ⅓, column ⅓ and column ⅓ last


  1. You can type text directly into the text box or paste it in.
    1. to paste text in, click edit and select paste as text.
  2. WARNING: if you paste text in directly into the text box, you may unknowingly alter styling, which will result in display issues in the front end once published.

  3. to assign headings, highlight text and;
    1. click Formats
    2. hover over “headers”
    3. select Header 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, Heading 5 or Heading 6
    4. You should not select H1 because it is only for titles.
  4. you can alight text, your options are left, right, center and justify by highlighting desired text and selecting corresponding icons.
  5. You can make text bold, italic, underlined, as well as other styling.
    1. to do so, click Format and select desired styling.


  1. You can insert images by clicking the Image library button directly below the text box.
    1. here you can select a previously uploaded image
    2. you can also upload an image from your computer.
      1. to upload from computer click choose file near the bottom of the pop-up
      2. select file from your computer
      3. click open
      4. you will be taken back to the gallery pop-up, click start upload
      5. once finished uploading find and select its thumbnails and click insert)

Dividers And Buttons

  1. You can insert buttons, dividers, star ratings, and photo gallery into the article as well.
    1. Click More Options and select from the list.
      1. to use the star ratings the default code will show up - [ratings-5] - this will display with 5 stars, if you want to display 2 stars (for example), you can just go ahead and change the number in the code - [ratings-2] - or if you want to give 4 and a half, simple enter the .5 value with the number ex; [ratings-4.5].


  1. To insert links to text or images, highlight the desired target and click insert then select insert link. paste the url and press ok.


  1. To work with Metadata, click the Metadata Options tab on the right hand side of the page and fill in the information
  2. Note: for best SEO results have your keyword present in the meta description, alias and page content.
  3. Select index, follow for pages that you want to potentially display in search engine. Select no index, no follow for pages like policies that you do not want to display in search engines.
  4. content rights should say All rights reserved.
How to use the backend editor

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