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How to use galleries

A gallery is a collection of images that has been inserted into the article manager. Each folder in media manager can be turned into a gallery. Galleries can be in a single column layout or in 2 column, 3 column or 4 column layout. See “Columns” in How to Use the Backend Editor

Organize Your Images

To add images to the media manager hover over Content near the top left corner of the backend.

Click on Media Manager

Create Folders

  1. Click in the white field to the left of the “create folder” button.
  2. Name your folder here. Be sure to use a unique folder name every time. Do not use spaces, capital letters and avoid using special characters.
  3. Clicking the Create Folder button to create.

Deleting Folders

In the folders area of media manager select the mother folder of the folder you want to delete. You will see the folder you wish to delete appear in the files section. Here select the folder(s) you would like to delete. Press Delete near the top right corner.

Adding Media

  1. Select the folder you want to add media to and let it open.
  2. Click the Choose file button.
  3. Select the file for upload from your computer and press Open.
  4. Press Start Upload

Remember that you cannot more media from one folder to another. If you have added an item in the wrong folder you will have to delete it and upload it to the appropriate folder again.

Inserting Gallery Into Backend Editor

  1. To insert your gallery into a page you will need to insert it into the backend editor.
  2. Select the place you want to place it into. and click Products and select Gallery.
  3. A short-code will be inserted into the page {gallery}FOLDER NAME{/gallery}
  4. Substitute the “FOLDER NAME” with the folder name you wish to turn into a gallery.
  5. For Example {gallery}events{/gallery}.
  6. If you folder is not nested within other folders, you will need to include the path.
  7. For example, if the “art” folder is within a folder named “culture” and this folder is within a folder titled “events” it will look like this : {gallery}events/culture/art{/gallery}
How to use galleries

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