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How to update banner text

Once you have found the text banner you wish to edit and opened it you can type or paste in new text.

(read how to manage banners to find navigate and manage banners)

To edit text:

  1. Type text directly into the text box or paste it in
    1. to paste text in, click edit and select paste as text.
    2. WARNING: if you paste text in directly into the text box, you may unknowingly alter styling, which will result in display issues in the front end once published.

    3. to assign headings, highlight text and;
      1. Click Formats
      2. Hover Over Headers
      3. Select Header 2
  2. Once you are finished click Save near the top right to save and publish the changes and remain on the page. Or you may press Save & Close to save and publish the changes and close the current banner page.

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