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How to Process Orders

To view, edit and process placed orders, login to the backend of your website. On the left hand sidebar click Orders & Shoppers. Its tab will open, click Orders.

You will see a list of orders that have been placed through the website.

Here you can see main points of placed orders, including each order number, buyer name, order date. last modification date, status, order total and purchase method.

Quick Edits

Print or Email the Order - select an icon from the Quick View.

Change Order Status - Click on the icon in the “updates” column.

  • A pop-up will open, from the Status dropdown select the status you want to change the order to.
  • You may add text to the Admin Notes area. these notes will only be visible to backend users.
  • You can choose to Notify User. Select No from the dropdown for user (shopper) to not receive notification. Select Yes to send notification and add your note in the text box that appears below the dropdown. For example If you change the status to Shipped, you may choose to add the tracking number to the user notes area.
  • Press Submit to submit the changes or click the “x” located in the right corner to escape without saving.

Detail Edits

You may click the order number of each order to view its details.

On the detail page, you may also edit each product status separately using the dropdown. Remember though that when you edit the status of an individual item, it does not apply to the whole order.For example, if you have an order that is marked as pending, and you mark an item as “shipped”, even if it is the only item in the order, the order will still be pending until you mark the order as shipped.

Processing Orders

Once you have reviewed your orders you will need to process them. Remember that all orders are pre-authorized, to charge the buyers cards, you must process the order.

In the Left hand sidebar click Transactions which is nested within “Orders & Shoppers”

Here you can see a list of transaction.

Charge a card - Press the green charge button. A pop-up will open.

  • The credit card being displayed is the one selected by the buyer.
  • You can split payment amounts by typing in the value you wish to charge or you may select the Use full Amount box to charge full purchase amount.
  • Select the order Status from the dropdown
  • Add an Admin Note if you wish.
  • Select whether to notify user of the transaction or not.
  • Press Submit to submit the changes or click the “x” located in the right corner to escape without saving.
  • Again just like in the Order section, you can change the status. You can also close a transaction or add a payment.

Closing Transaction

When you close a transaction, remember that it does not have an effect on the banking process. Closing a transaction simply helps you staff and team organize orders that have been processed and completed. You may reopen the transaction at any time.

Process Orders

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