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How to Manage Shopper Groups

To manage your shopper groups click Shoppers in the left hand sidebar and select Shopper Groups. A list of shopper groups will be displayed. You may add new shopper groups as well as edit and delete existing shopper groups. It is important to remember that shopper groups should be planned carefully and created before website loads most of its inventory, if possible.

How to Create a New Shopper Group

To create a new shopper group, click New near the right hand corner.

Enter a descriptive Shopper Group Name and select whether you want it published or not. Shopper Group name will be visible to users.

Display on Registration - Select whether you want the shopper group registration to display the Shopper Group name. For example, You may have three different wholesale shopper groups, each with different benefits. You may not want to display the name “Wholesale 3”, which indicates that there is a “Wholesale 1” and “Wholesale 2”, if you do not want to lead on that there are different benefits.

Auto Approval - Select whether you want the applicants of the shopper group to be auto approved or not. If you select no, anyone applying for this shopper group will need to be approved or denied manually.

Access URL - This is the link to the registration form for the

Description - enter the text that will be send to the shopper group applicant. This text should be fairly brief and describe the benefits of joining.

Registration Form Message - This is the message that will be displayed at the top of the registration form if you have selected “yes” for Display On Registration.

Manage Shopper Groups

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