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How To Manage Shipping

You may manage your Shipping Methods and Package Management if you click Shipping in the left hand sidebar.

How to Manage Packages

Click Package Manager from the Shipping dropdown. Packages that are already set up will be listed here. You can edit existing packages or create new packages. Packages are useful for simplifying shipping by using a few standard container sizes.

How to Create New Packages

To create a new package click New near the top right corner. Give your package a descriptive name, select a type of package it is, and it’s dimensions. Press Save when you finished.

How to Edit Existing Packages

If you need to change any information in an existing package, simply click the package name from the listing and make your changes. Press Save when you are done.

How to Manage Shipment Methods

Click Shipment Methods from the Shipping dropdown. Here you can see all shipping methods that have been created. You may add new shipment methods and also edit and delete existing methods.

How to Create a Shipment Method

Click New near the top right corner. Give your new shipment method a descriptive name and select whether the method should be published or not.

PART 1 - In the “Shipment Method Information” tab

In the Shipment Description write a very short summary or the method.

Shipment Method - Select the method, choose from USPS, UPS or “By weight, zip and country” which is custom/manual.

Shopper Group - Select specific shopper groups if only certain shoppers groups are eligible for the shipping method, or leave empty to apply to all

Set as Default - If you wish for this Shipping method to become an option at checkout, select yes. otherwise select no.

List Order - This is the ordering in which you want the method to be displayed when it becomes an option.

Press Save, do not close.

PART 2 - In the “Configuration” tab

Once you have saved your work from the “Shipment Method Information” tab, there will be options to fill out in the “Configuration” tab. The options here will be different based on what Shipment Method you have selected and saved in the “Shipment Method Information” tab. All fields in this section are optional, if fields are left blank there is no limit to setting.

Below are some terms explained in more detail.

Logo - You may enter the logo of the shipping providers that will be used (USPS,UPS etc)

Countries - Select countries to which the shipping method is applied. Leave blank for all.

ZIP Range Start - Select the starting range of ZIP to which the shipping method may apply.

ZIP Range end - Select the ending range of ZIP to which the shipping method may apply

Lowest Weight - Select the minimal weight of the package for the shipping method to be applicable. Cannot be less than 1lb.

Highest Weight - Select max weight of the package for the shipping method to be applicable.

Weight Unit - Select the weight unit you are using.

Minimum number of Products - Select the minimum number of products purchased for coupon to be applicable.

Minimum Order amount - Enter the minimum dollar amount the order must be for shipping method to be an option.

Shipment Cost - Cost of shipment in Dollar amount

Package Fee - Fee charged in Dollar amount for packaging. This feel will be hidden in shipping cost/calculation.

Tax - Select from dropdown.

Minimum Amount for Free Shipment If free shipping is offered, enter minimum order amount for free shipping on this method to be applied.

Manage Shipping

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