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How to Manage Reviews

With Goozga you can easily manage reviews that your products have received. Search engines can read these reviews and they can help rank your website batter based on the products you carry. You can even add reviews that have been collected from other sources and post them under their original names.

Managing existing Reviews

In the left hand sidebar click Reviews & Ratings located within Customer Satisfaction.

You can select All Reviews or you can browse reviews by product or user.

Whatever you use, you can click the icon in the Published column, to either publish or unpublish a review.

You May also click on the text in the review column to view the full text and even make changes to it. You may not want to change reviews that have not been submitted by your team.

Remember to press the Apply button to save any changes.

Add a New Review

In the left hand sidebar click Reviews & Ratings.

Select Add Review.

Fill in the fields and make your selections as desired and press Save or Save & Close.

Manage Reviews

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