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How to Manage Menu Items

To Manage the menu Items of the website (header and footer menu items) click Menu link near the top left corner. From the dropdown select Menu Manager.

Here you will see all of the menus of your page. You will be dealing with the Category/primary Menu and the Footer Menu.

Click the title of the menu you want to manage. Here you will see a list of all the menu items.

How To Delete Menu Items

Place a checkmark in the square left of the Menu Item title you wish to delete (or multiple items).

Press Trash near the top right corner to delete the item(s). You can also simply unpublish by following the same steps and clicking unpublish instead of trash.

How To Add Menu Items

To add a new menu item to your website click New.

In the field of “Menu Item Type” press Select.

Scroll down and from under the “System Links” section select External URL

Add Menu Title, this is the title that will be visible as the link.

Add the proper Link by inserting the full URL.

Select a “Menu Location” from the dropdown to indicate where the link will be located.

Finally click Save near the top right corner.

How to Edit Menu Items

Click the title of the menu item you wish to alter.

Change the information as desired

Finally click Save near the top right corner.

Manage Menu Items

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