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How To Manage Dropdowns

To Manage the dropdown menu Items of the websites click Components link near the top left corner. From the dropdown select trix-megadropdown. Then click “Menu List”.

Here you will see all of the drop-down menus of your page. You will be dealing primarily with the Category/primary Menu.

Select the menu you want to manage.

You can delete or unpublish full dropdown menu by selecting the red circle with a white inside (to unpublish) or the red circle with an “x” (to delete).

How to Edit Individual Items In Dropdown

Click the pencil icon of the dropdown you wish to edit.

Choose the column you want to edit by clicking the pencil icon located within the column.

Then simply delete or add words from the dropdown.

To add or edit a link to text, highlight it and click Insert and from the dropdown select Insert Link.

In the pop-up add the URL for the link in the URL field and press OK.

You may add, edit, and delete links until you are satisfied with your results.

Remember to click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not add advanced effects or custom CSS or HTML. Doing so may cause overlapping with existing stylesheet and display incorrectly. Only use the styling options available in the editor.

Manage Dropdowns

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