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How to Manage Discounts & Coupons

With the GOOGZA platform you have the ability to create coupons and discounts for products, shipping and more. Simply click Taxes & Discounts in the left hand sidebar, and from it’s dropdown select Coupons.

Here you will see a list of Coupons and Discounts that have been created.

How to Create a Coupon

To create a coupon simply click New in the top right corner of the page, and fill in the fields within the “Coupon Details” area.

Coupon name - This will be the code applied to the purchase. For example if you want to give 20% discount, your coupon name could be “Save20Today”.

Value & Percent or Total - Give your coupon a value and indicate if this value represents a percentage of a purchase of Dollar amount to be discounted from total. For example, if you want to give a 20% discount you would enter “20” in the value fields and select Percent.If you want to give a $20 discount of the total, you select Total.

Apply Mode - You can choose from Manual Apply, which requires a customer to type in Coupon name in order for it to be applied. You can also choose Auto Apply,which will be added automatically to an order if it meets the criteria.

Apply Method - Here you can indicate if you want to give the specified discount to only first time orders or on all orders.

Coupon Applied for - Here you can choose if the coupon should be applicable on Normal Items (regularly priced items), Sales Items, or both.

Coupon For - Choose where the discount should be given, this can be Disc on Cart Price or Disc on Shipping Price. For example you can give a 100% discount on Shipping Price to give free shipping.

Shipping Methods - You may select the shipping method that must be used to apply this coupon or you may leave the field empty. For Example if your coupon is 100% off shipping, you may want to specify here that it is only for ground.

Coupon Type - Select whether this coupon is permanents, meaning that it can be used multiple times or whether it is a Gift Coupon which can only be used once.

Shopper Group - Select the shopper group to which the coupon will be applied, or leave blank to apply to all.

Minimum Total Order - this is where you specify the minimum dollar amount the order must be in order for the discount to be applicable. For example, you can give a $20 coupon, but you may want to specify that the minimum order total is at least $20….

Coupon Start Date - Here you can specify the date from which the coupon is valid and applicable.

Coupon Expiry Date - Here you must enter the date on which the coupon expires.

Press Save near the top right corner

How To Edit a Coupon

To edit an existing coupon, simple go back to the Taxes & Discounts > Coupons listing page, and click on the coupon name you wish to edit. Change any information desired and press Save near the top right corner.

How To Delete/Unpublished Coupons

On the coupon listing page, place a checkmark in the small boxes located to the left of the “coupon code” column. You can do so to as many or as little as one checkbox.

Press Delete or Unpublish near the top right corner to either delete or unpublish the coupons with a checkmark present.

Manage Discounts and Coupons

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