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How to manage banners

Once you have logged in you will be taken to the administrator page.

To start managing banners:

  1. Hover over Components in the top horizontal line.
  2. Click Banners
  3. On the right hand side, you will see 4 dropdown fields.
    1. from the “Select Category” dropdown select desired category (page)
      1. for example, if you wish to edit a banner that is on the Catering landing page, select “catering banners”
    2. A list will display.
    3. Each banner will have a name (“C” for column, “R” for row, which also tells you the banner location), type, status, and other information.
    4. Image banners have a purple photo icon in the “Type” column
    5. text banners have an “Aa” icon in the “Type” column
  4. Find the banner you want to edit
    1. to do this you can hover your mouse over the icons in the “Type” column. Doing so will display the image/text currently present in the banner.
  5. once you have found the banner you want to edit click its name.
  6. You are not ready to make edit.
How to manage banners

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