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How to Deal With An Upset Customer

Deal With An Upset Customer

In your line of work you will have to sometimes deal with upset customers. When this happens make sure to focus more on diffusing the situation and making the customer feel heard rather than arguing with the customer or engaging them. Listen to them and find a way to resolve the issue.

If a customer comes to you upset, remember to remain calm during the situation. As the customer gets irate do not get irate also. There is nothing to be gained in escalating the situation. Likewise, empathize with the customer. Why are they upset? Would you feel as upset in their shoes? Listen to the customer (often times it’s the main thing the customer wants is someone to be on their side). Agree with some of their issues, it’ll show you’re on their side and working to resolve the matter. Be a human being, someone the customer can relate to and discuss this issue with rather than argue against.

Finally, find a good way to resolve the issue. Make it a human reaction rather than one from a dry corporation. Work with the customer to find a solution you can both agree with. Often that can take creative thinking. Show that you’re flexible. Laura Land of Accessory Imports LLC illustrates this point well to “Instead of saying, "Sorry, it's too late to return the product," we tell them to say, "It looks like this purchase is outside of the return window, but let me see what I can do for you." Then the customer sees the rep as an ally--not as an enemy.”

Other ideas could be giving the customer a discount on a future purchase, or letting the customer feel as if they’re being allowed to bend a rule. These steps will let the customer feel as if you’re on his side and hopefully turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Remember, patience, listening and creative solutions can help turn a negative customer experience into a positive one. Finally, if you do get a negative customer review or feedback, remember to apply much of the same. When responding remain positive and polite, such actions will buy you more goodwill than a negative review will lose you. A cool head and a problem solving mind will turn a negative customer situation into one that brings more people to your company— maybe even the original customer.


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