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How To Use Houzz and Generate Traffic

How to use Houzz and generate traffic

Houzz is a social media platform for the design lovers and those in the home decor, architecture and home remodelling industry. It is a place to find inspiration as well as products and services. More than 16 million home improvement professionals in the US have a Houzz account. This is most likely because more than 40% of Houzz users are actually needing their services as they are actively remodeling their homes. Houzz is known for beautiful photography and helpful conversations. The top feature for businesses however is it’s shopping cart, so other users can actually buy your products through Houzz. Houzz can also drive serious traffic to your website! Learn how to use Houzz and get the most out of it.

Getting Started with Houzz

You can create an account of login with your facebook at

Or, create a Free vendor account at

Build your profile, by hovering over Your Houzz link in the top right hand corner and select Edit Profile.

Get Reviewed

If you are a Business or a professional, have your clients leave you reviews to build trust between you and the rest of the Houzz community. Times have changed and 70% of people trust online reviews more or as much as personal referrals.

A great way to get reviews is by offering discounts of small gifts as a thank you. However, it is best to try simply asking for reviews nicely before resorting to discounts or gifts...and you just may get the review you deserve.

Create a Following

When you have a solid profile and great reviews, it’s much easier to start making connections. The more people and companies you follow, the more will follow you back. You can get inspired by others and create meaningful professional partnerships… just as importantly though, having a following will spread the word of your products or services. Ultimately, that is the goal! Follow Houzz users, like their content and engage with them.

Get Excited About Creating A Project

Creating Projects is a great way to show off your product or service. You can have a countless number of projects from broad categories. You can put your whole inventory of products into projects, organize them neatly, use meaningful descriptions with keywords, and choose corresponding categories. By doing so, you are making it easy for users to find your products and take a trip to your website. It is like having a catalogue that has direct links to your website.

Create Your Very Own Ideabooks

To put it simply, Ideabooks are collections of content. You can add your own photos or browse Houzz for the photos of other users. Ideabooks can include text, images, and products. You can have as many ideabooks as you wish, each with a different theme.

The best part about ideabooks is that when you add a photo, you can add “image tags” by clicking the Add image tag that displays when you hover over the bottom left corner of the photo page. To access the photo page, simply click the photo. Image tags put a little green tag on the photo that links to the actual product in the image. If you have a beautiful room-shot featuring lamp or rug that your business is selling, you can link directly to that product. Likewise, you can link to products of others and create more traffic on your Houzz account and even your website.

Post News and Updates

Like on other social media platforms, you can post updates, text, images, and links. Only your followers will see these posts and will help you stay connected. Also, remember to interact and engage with the posts from those you follow. Like, comment, and be plugged into Houzz!

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