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Essential Elements of a Great Business Website


Nowadays every business needs a decent website if it is any chance of being successful, though it is clear that many don’t yet understand how to add quality to their site. For best results keep the following tips in mind.

Simple language

Don’t try and impress people with fancy language on your website, because not everyone will understand what you are talking about and confusion will cost you customers. Use language that is simple, clear and that makes it extremely obvious who you are and what you do, and keep in mind that not everyone is university educated or a native English speaker. Not only will simple language make it easy for potential customers to understand you, it will also prevent your business from looking as though you have something to hide.

Easy navigation

The easier it is for people to navigate your website and find what they are looking for, the more likely they will be to support your business. Your website should be laid out in a way that is easy to understand, it should provide answers to most questions a potential client might have, as well as make it easy for people to buy products or services straight from the website.

Quality content

Consistently providing information that is valuable, informative and relevant will not only help to establish your business as an authority in your industry, it will also vastly increase the likelihood of repeat visits to your site. Providing content that you know your customers want and need will help to build trust, increase word of mouth referrals and do far more to boost sales than taking a hard sell approach. Make sure that you are adding fresh content to your site on a regular basis too, as this will make every visit to your site worthwhile as well as help to boost your Google rankings.


When it comes to surfing the internet the average person has an extremely short attention span, making it vital that your website can give them what they want, FAST! For best results, have an IT specialist set up your website to be as fast as possible, as this will increase the chance of a potential customer spending more time checking out your site.


People love visual stimulation, so make sure that your website has plenty to keep your visitor’s eyes entertained. The right image can help to get across a lot more information about your business than words alone; however, be careful choosing the images that you post on your website as you won’t want to be associated with anything that could be interpreted as offensive in any way.

Calls to action

Including a few well-placed calls to action on your website can do wonders for turning interest into sales. While you should avoid going overboard with your sales pitches, make sure that you have at least one call to action on each and every page. Your calls to action don’t have to specifically encourage people to buy something from your business; rather they just need to encourage people to take action to deal with problems or issues that your business can help them with.

A pricing structure

For your business website to bring in as many sales as possible it is important to include a thorough break-down of your prices, as most people are unlikely to contact you to find out what you charge. While you don’t need to go into intricate detail regarding pricing, make sure that you at least give a ballpark idea of what people can expect your products or services to cost them.

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