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Google AdWords Campaigns - Improve your results this way!

AdWords function as a catalyst in your online advertising campaign. But, what if you are still waiting for people to click on your ads?

Google AdWords campaign management may seem quite confusing if you do not know how to work on it. This is one of the major reasons that many of them fail to achieve the desired results with their campaigns. It is also important to make sure that your ads are displayed to the right people. Here are some pragmatic tips which you could follow to increase your conversion rates without spending much.

As a first step, you should get the Google analytics report for your AdWord data. If the report shows higher bounce rates for your search campaign, you need to start working from here. Suppose it says 95% of your visitors left your website without any action, there might be a serious issue with your campaign management, which you need to fix at the earliest.

Further, just follow these steps to improve your campaign performance and obtain better ROI:

Fine-Tune your Keywords

Your choice of keywords plays a key role in your Google AdWord campaign. Therefore, always fine-tune your keywords for better results. Include keywords which link exactly to your products or services, and rule out the rest. Look for keywords which are mostly used by your target audience when they search for your products or services. This would help you stay focused. Else, you may lose your main audience and get irrelevant traffic just because of this keyword issue.

Here is an example:

Eric was new to AdWords campaign and he wants to sell is marble stone pavers. After starting his campaign, he noted that many irrelevant search words were showing on his Ad Manager report.

Some of them were:-

  • Marble cutter
  • Marble paper
  • Marble balls

Eric was worried that most of his adword budget was eaten up by this irrelevant traffic. By thorough checking, he realized that the broad match keyword “marble” he added on one of his adgroup caused this. He found a solution for this, that was to fine tune his keywords. He removed “marbles” from keywords and added these keywords:-

  • Marble Slabs
  • Marble pavers
  • Marble flooring
  • Marble tiles

He noted that this change worked and his campaign started giving good results, attracted relevant traffic, that was people who were looking for marble building materials.

Google Adwords Campaigns

Have an Appropriate Landing Page.

Just having a PPC ad which leads right away to your home page is not enough. You should have a landing page that mentions the products or services in your AdWords ad. The reason is that the visitors coming to your home page may not take the effort to do another search for the products they want if the landing page doesn’t have anything about it.

What will happen if takes too long to load the landing page?

What will happen if your ad was for selling electronic gadgets and the landing page had nothing about it?

You should expect a higher bounce rate in both scenarios. Most probably, they bounce, will look for other search results on Google to get their item. Hence, understand the difference between the display URL and destination URL and streamline your strategies accordingly. This way you could reduce the bounce rates and keep your audience on track.

Always Group Adgroups by Themes

Next step is to create Ad groups for each and every key phrase or keyword you have selected. This means each group should focus only on a single keyword.

Creating two different ad versions for each Adgroup is another important thing to note. Suppose, a website was selling women’s tops, t-shirts & bags through AdWords campaigns. They have created an adgroup, added all selected keywords in it and created an ad based on this Ad Group. The ad was titled as - “Buy Tops, T-shirts & Bags”.

This is a mistake, don’t hesitate to create proper Ad Groups and at least 2 ads in each adgroup.

They should create 3 individual Ad Groups, one for Tops, one for t-shirts and the last one for bags. This way they can add similar keywords in the same Ad Group and can create separate ads for selling each item. This is one of the AdWords basics and more effective.

Google Adwords Campaigns

Use Proper Ad Extensions

Make your AdWord campaigns more effective using proper Ad extensions. These are an additional piece of relevant information that is added along with your AdWords ads. This can be your phone numbers, business location, site link extensions, ratings etc. Through site link extensions, you can add more important website links to an ad thereby ensure higher CTR (Click-Through-Rate). Callout, Structured Snippets & Price extensions are some of the other helpful extensions which can be used wisely.

Having such Ad extensions would give your visitors another reason to click your Ads or reach you easily. Besides, those Ads with extensions are given priority in the organic search results in Google. This way, they increase your Ad CTR, Ad Quality Score and Ad Rank. Your ads can outperform your competitors, ensure a higher ROI.

Google Adwords Campaigns

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