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Driving business growth using ecommerce software

Business growth using Ecommerce Solution

There are many options for small businesses to sell their products online, such as signing up with big marketplaces — Etsy, Amazon or eBay — they help you display your products on a hosted storefront. Whereas, integrating your website with a “shopping cart software” or “e commerce software” allows to control your e commerce business in an optimal way. So ecommerce or shopping cart software is the best option to sell your products online, with a complete control of your online business.

Own a website with an absolute control management

If you sell your products through e-commerce players, your storefront resides on their websites, displaying their branding. With ecommerce software you will have your own website and domain name, allowing you to manage your online store with an absolute ownership. The software solutions also offer extensive customization features that help customize your online store in conjunction with your business requirements.

Using ecommerce software solutions you can do the following:

  • Designing your website
  • Designating your own workflows
  • Choosing your own pricing models and much more

The software solutions also allow you to set up your online store in such a way that meets the changing needs of your business.

Ecommerce solution that is easy-to-use

Most of ecommerce software solutions do not require program coding, or manual installation, except for some additional functions and customization that require little technical skills. The solution setup is also done with a few step procedures to your convenience. To your relief, many solution providers offer DIY website-building tools and website templates, and using these tools, you can customize your online store as per your online business needs.

Ecommerce solution integrated with marketing tools

In addition to commercial tools for online sales and process payment, ecommerce software offers marketing tools for your online store, including “social media marketing”, “promotions” and “special discounts”, “loyalty programs” and more — And with the social media capabilities, your customers can share product pages, what they bought, etc, with their friends or followers.

Ecommerce Platform that helps save profits

Marketplaces spin money out of every sale, or monthly fees, and of course, credit card processing fees, as well. You can save these loses with an e-commerce software or shopping cart software, enabling you to save your profits, you just need pay the subscription fees, as well as payment-processing fees. Make your online business more profitable with ecommerce software solutions.

Simplifying your operations through integration

One of the biggest advantages of using ecommerce software for a small business is: It integrates well with other business solutions you do have, which enables an easy operations coupled with an easy access to the latest data in real time for your business visibility. So simplification of operations for business process is integral to your business growth!

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