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Do you know - how to make your products remarkable in the most crowded marketplace?


In the past, you could sell your products using brilliant marketing strategies. However, with the competition becoming fierce now, you need to create something remarkable around your products. This includes building powerful conversations about your products and services. Seth Godin, marketing guru, defines remarkable in his book, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, as "something worth talking about. Worth noticing. Exceptional. New. Interesting." Godin goes on saying, it's "the era of the cow" and no longer acceptable to even be "very good" since that's an "everyday occurrence and hardly worth mentioning."

Follow these most valuable tips to differentiate your products from the mediocre:

#1: Only the product that is “outlier” creates a demand in the market

Big companies (Neiman Marcu, Wal-Mart, Neiman Marcus, the Four Seasons, and Motel 6) for example, were able to achieve phenomenal success. It is just because they became outliers in the product making in their market niche: The ability to transform your products/services onto a "Super-Fast or Super-Slow, Very Big or Very Small. Or into a Very Exclusive or Very Cheap," This means that you are risking to take up challenges to attain the edges of being super-fast or super-slow, helping to see your financial and marketing results driving in.

#2: Identify the “NEED” of your customers

Identify the need of your customers in “the concept phase” itself. We can define “need” as the the problem or concern of customer to solve. The concept of need is being misrepresented to many of us — It is because the concept of need is not to buy products but to provide customers a solution, as a marketer. Customers never buy your products or services when they don’t have a problem or concern. Of course they have a problem to which they want a solution. When you are able to provide a right solution, as a marketer, you become successful.

#3: Test new waters

Try changing your marketing strategies when your products and services fail to turn out remarkable in the market arena. Marketing should get your customers fascinated about you products or services and let your customers talk about what kind of services/ products you specialize in. It is not worthwhile you invest in products that do not yield the profits as you expected. So you must have a fresh thought and once have it in you jump into where you like to...

#4: Be value focused

As earlier mentioned, no customer is looking to purchase your products or services. They are instead looking around whether their problem or need is met or not. Hence design your products in such a way that answer their questions, problems or pain points”, due to which they want a solution. And when they find your product or services can solve their pains, they immediately go for it! This means your products and services become a brand in the marketplace within your niche.

#5: Identify your most profitable demographic

Identify the people you consider as the most profitable for you. And attract them by advertising, developing or rewarding these people. You should keep in mind that a product that is remarkable now will not be the same next time. So innovating your products marketing such as launching new products, or so is only means for your products to remain remarkable to the customers. Hence think and act accordingly, to turn out to be a successful marketer.

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