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Creating The Ideal Logo to Suit Your Brand

Creating The Ideal Logo to Suit Your BrandYour business logo is one of the most important elements of your brand, as more often than not it is the most visible representation of your business. An effective logo needs to not only represent your brand well, it needs to inspire confidence, be memorable and engaging. If your business is in need of a logo and you want it to turn heads for all the right reasons, keep the following considerations in mind.

Keep it simple

Your logo will appear in a lot of different places ranging from your packaging and printed materials through to your website, and to ensure that it will look great across all mediums it is wise to keep things simple. A simple logo will not only be easy to replicate, it will also be less likely to be confused with another company’s logo. Simple logos are also far more likely to outlast any passing fad, so you won’t need to rebrand quite so often.

Let color help you

Studies have repeatedly shown that color has a definite impact on the way that people think, feel and act, so make sure that your logo is helping not hurting your efforts. Blue is known to evoke feelings of professionalism and trust, red is seen as sexy, bold and energetic, green has been associated with environmentalism and nature, while black is regarded as a powerful, modern and credible color. Look at the logos of successful businesses to get a few ideas but keep in mind that the more colors you use the more expensive your logo will be to print.

Find your font

The font you use in your logo will do a lot to help or hurt your brand, so be sure to choose yours carefully. Most importantly, your font needs to be easy to read without being overly gimmicky. If in doubt, go with classic fonts such as Helvetica, Clarendon, Akzidenz Grotesk, Futura, News Gothic, Gill Sans, Garamond, Myriad Pro, Optima or Bembo.

Reinforce your brand

A good logo needs to be intricately tied to your business brand, ideally in a way that reflects what you do and how you do it. If your business is design-related your logo should showcase your skills and talents, whereas if you run a courier company, finding a way to incorporate a sense of speed and reliability into your logo is a fantastic idea. Your brand should be based around one or two main ideas about your business, as should your logo, and keep in mind that for many people your logo will be their first introduction to your business.

Tap into established symbolism

Incorporating an image into your logo can be a great way to get across ideas related to your brand without saying a word. Using symbols that people have seen before, whether it be an elephant or a piece of fruit, is an easy way to tap into pre-existing ideas about these images, such as that notion that elephants never forget or that apples are good for you. It will also be a lot easier for people to remember your logo if it resembles something they have seen before rather than if it is an obscure or abstract design.

Differentiate yourself

Take a look at what your competitors have done with their logos and make sure that yours will look nothing like theirs. Apart from making it easier for your brand to stand out, it is important that there is no risk of anyone confusing your brand with someone else’s. However, while it is important for your logo to be unique, make sure that it is still appropriate for your field or industry.

Get help

There is a definite art to creating an effective logo and while you are sure to come up with plenty of good ideas yourself, it is wise to enlist the help of professionals too. No one knows your business like you and so it is crucial that you are actively involved in the process; however, it is important to stay open to new ideas as well. The best way to work with your graphic designer is to communicate what your company does, its goals and target audience. Let the professional do the rest.

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