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Content Marketing TipsContent marketing has become increasingly popular in recent times, but for it to work for your business it is vital that you know a few of the basics first. For best results, keep the following factors in mind.

Focus on quality

For your content to be having any positive effect it needs to be high quality; otherwise, you will be hurting not helping your marketing efforts. Your content should be relevant to your customers, provide valuable information and be seen as a genuine attempt to impart something meaningful. Quality content is also one of the most important elements required for your business to rank well on Google.

Use a consistent voice

It is important for your content to be consistent, especially in regards to the tone of voice you use throughout it. Maintaining a consistent voice will help to build trust, promote familiarity and lead to meaningful connections. Think of your website as being a spokesperson for your business and so your content should be speaking on behalf of your business rather than reflect your personal opinion.

Keep it simple

Not every visitor to your website will be familiar with your industry, making it a wise move to avoid jargon and instead use simple language as much as possible. Apart from being new to your profession, many people aren’t university educated or may not be native English speakers, and unless they can understand what you are saying you are no chance of getting their business.

Don’t blow your own horn

Never use your website content as an excuse to promote yourself or your business, as this will almost certainly mean people don’t return to your site. While there is nothing wrong with letting people know about the products and services you sell, taking a hard-sell approach is highly unlikely to work. Self-promotion in your content is also viewed extremely negatively by Google, which will mean lower page rankings for your business.

Keep them coming

Your website content is the single greatest factor that will encourage repeat visits to your site, so make sure that there is always something interesting on there for your visitors. Consistently adding fresh content to your site will mean there will always a reason to check it out, even for your regular customers. The more you can keep people coming back to your site, the better your chances are of making sales.


It can be hard to find time to create quality content for your site when you are busy trying to run your business, but by outsourcing the writing you can save yourself time and money. There is no shortage of talented freelance writers willing and able to write quality content for your site, and chances are good that they can do so faster, better and cheaper than you can. Outsourcing your content will mean you will never again be without something new and awesome to upload to your site.

Use visuals

People love visual stimulation, so make sure that your content has lots of it. Rather than load huge chunks of text onto your site, break it up with photos or images that add context and meaning to what has been written. You can get across a huge amount of information with a well-chosen image and people are far more likely to share information relating to your site if it includes some quality visual stimulation.

Your website content can be one of the most effective marketing weapons a business has, so make sure you know what you are doing with your content and that you are using it to maximum effect. If you are unsure what quality content looks like, check out the websites of some of the world’s best known brands and learn from them!

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