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Making Your Business Cards Work

Business Cards Work

Despite all of the advancements in marketing in recent years business cards remain an extremely effective tool for networking and promoting your business; however, for your card to work well for you it needs to be well thought out, well made and distributed wisely. Here are a few of the other main factors that you need to consider to get the most out of your business cards.

Keep it simple

For best results your business cards should be as simple as possible. While you will need to have all of your important information on there, such as your name, what you do and all your various contact details, the less you have on your card the better. Any image or logo should also be simple and easy to understand, because confusion will cost you customers.

Invest in quality

You can certainly save some money by making your own business cards, but if you care about your brand and the reputation of your business you are far better off investing in quality. More often than not your business card will be the only thing that a person will have seen or heard about your business so it is vital that it is making a good first impression.

Use the back

Be sure to use both sides of your card, because leaving it blank will mean wasting a fantastic opportunity. Whether you add extra information, an image or have your details written in another language, you can be sure that people will check both sides, so give them something to look at!

Be creative

For your card to be any hope of standing out from the crowd you need to find a way to make it a little different. Using a catchy color can definitely help, as will using textured paper; otherwise, consider incorporating a hologram, adding a striking image or even a humorous element. The more creative you get with your card design the more likely people will be to keep it and show it off to their connections.

Use a standard size

As much as it can be a smart move to create a card that stands out, stick to the standard business card size. You will want to make it easy for people to add your card to their collection, whether that be in their wallet, purse or a card organizer, but unless your card fits it will more than likely get tossed sooner rather than later.

Change it up

Creating a new version of your business card every now and then will help your business look current, especially if you card embraces a new season or trend. Rather than spend time and money on creating an entirely new design, simply have your new card printed on different paper as this will also help to maintain consistency.

Carry them ALWAYS!

Regardless of how great your business cards may be they can’t distribute themselves! You should always have a stack of cards on you as you never know when you might bump into a prospective client, investor or ally. Even if you are off the clock and attending a social engagement, be sure to have a few cards on you.

Hand them out strategically

Focus on building relationships with people rather than just blanketing the city with your cards, because getting a card into a lot of hands won’t automatically equal success. Use your cards as a way to establish a connection with people who you have already made an effort to get to know, as this way the people who have your cards are more likely to use them to contact you.

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