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5 Things To Watch For This Holiday Season

With “holiday creep”, aka the ever quickening beginning of the Christmas/holiday season, you have to prepare for the holiday season not just through knowing which days to follow and plan for but which trends to follow and plan for. The attached PDF will help you prepare for the new trends, many of them technological. For example, 78% of holiday shopping research is done online and a whopping 40% of holiday shopping is also done through the internet. A whopping 1 trillion dollars (28% of all sales) were done through mobile devices as it allowed impulse shopping to not have a closing time. Likewise, people were more susceptible to change in their retailer than ever before-- with over half claiming they would be ready to change retailers and 40% actually going through it. Peer review meant more suddenly than the word of experts with 68% preferring videos from those who seem more similar to them than a trained expert. These changes are new but exciting-- and it’ll be exciting to see where the future goes with them next.

This PDF, courtesy of Google, will help explain this new and changing retail world all the more.

5 Holiday Shopping Trends to Watch in 2015

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