The upscale brand was very much influenced by the modern marketing strategy, which did demand them to bring some new looks to their brand.

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Eat Your Choco

Eat Your Choco, an organic family business from Europe with a very enduring history was very much intended to market.

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Urth bites

For our client Urth Bites, our goal was to introduce their product branding,
specifically their brand identity, naming, and package design.

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Olive Terrace

Olive Terrace Bar & Grill is Santa Clarita's newest destination for friends, families, and large groups to enjoy homemade pasta, seafood and the best kabobs in town.

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Hilton Wines

Hilton loved label has taken its inspiration from Art. The two passions of the founder - mountains and sailing were chosen.

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Aqua Fresh

Aqua Fresh needs to be loved again. How to do this? Inject emotion into the equation. We looked it at and made it unique: it is Aqua Fresh.

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Livepop wished if they could highlight their benefits for which they opted for a brand refreshment. The decision did bring an overall change in their appearance and feel.

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Empire Blue Estates

Empire Blue Estates loved to have scenic beauty in its brand identity with a beautiful geographical area and mountain views to express their brand emotion.

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Dream Nights

A vibrant design that turned on a peaceful night mode was a perfect look for Dream Nights. The design itself aroused a night feeling everyone would love to have.

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Cynix wished for a more generic appearance that would make it vibrant and unique in the world market. It did help them with steep growth in the business.

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To taste the uniqueness and a strong shelf presence, Raffine decided to go for a revamped look that is inimitable.

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Zermes could grasp the customers with a vivid and eye-catching design that would bring the feeling of beauty and confidence among the customers.

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Aida achieved that perfect striking design look through a makeover with us. It was the best decision ever and made Aida the favorite of the customers.

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Marries Coffee

Marries Coffee was following modern quality in a traditional package. A refreshed revamped design with their quality aroused a new feeling in the customers.

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organic coffee

Maggy's Organic Coffee

Maggy's Organic Coffee was the best with a minimalistic design. The design has to be sync with the different flavors brought by the brand each time.

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Juicyana, the name itself, reminded of fresh and tasty juice, and the brand wanted the design to complement their name and emotions.

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Brown Coffee

To bring the flavor and smell of coffee in the design, Brown Coffee wanted a visual treat that stands out.

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organic honey

Jo's Farm

Jo’s Farm could get a new look with simple color coordination that could supplement the different flavors. The design was in sync with the emotion of the brand.

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Crown View Estate

The taste and feel of Crown View Estate were made possible through a classical theme with gold foil and a logo that was royal to show the legacy of the brand.

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blues berry


The visual identity of Bluesberry had to be as fresh and energetic as their brand. The uniqueness and quality of the design portrayed their value.

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