Connect With Your Fans

To establish your business as a new brand in the marketplace, a strong presence on multiple social media platforms is mandatory. Using social media as an addendum to your official website helps you to find and drive traffic of a specific demographic to your website and/or your physical location. Social media also enables you to interact with your fans and followers. Engage them by getting them to talk to you and share with each other about your products and services. The various social media platforms each have their own tools for attracting fans and followers.Once your social media pages are set up (on, let’s say, Facebook, Twitter and Google+), then it’s time to attract fans or followers. Fans and followers won’t easily find you by themselves; you need to reach out and attract them. There are a few ways this can be accomplished, and we have expertise in all of them…

Start With Your Business Network

The logical first step in spreading the word about your business is to compile a list of all your contacts and those of everyone who works with you. Then, blast out an announcement urging them to join your fanbase. The stronger and more professional that blast is, the better the response will be.


Finding Communities

Social media groups are communities of people who share a common interest. Finding social media groups that are populated by people who would be interested in your products and services is a science that needs to be synchronized with your brand’s marketing plan.


Interactive Engagement

A great way to engage fans and increase their number is to post offers and contests that require people to interact with you. It’s optimal to get them to “like” your page, then go to your website and sign up with their personal information.


Create A Database

Gathering personal information about your fans and followers in a database
will enable you to make direct contact by sending mass emails. Like every other step
listed here, this needs to be done as part of a coordinated marketing strategy.


Q & A

By soliciting and answering questions about your industry, products or services,
you will create continuous engagement, as well as elevating your online reputation.
It’s also a good idea to encourage feedback and product reviews.


Paid Targeted Ads

Some social media platforms, like Facebook and Google+, offer quite affordable ways
to post short ads that will only be visible to your specific audience. The proper use of this
strategy can be a great shortcut to establishing new fans and Internet visibility.


Frequent Updates

It’s important to keep social media pages fresh and lively by posting frequent updates. These don’t have to be advertisements, in fact, it’s often more effective to post blog-style snippets of information relating to your field or industry. It’s important to add that this needs to be quality content (images, text and videos), and not mindless filler (which is a common mistake made by some companies).



Every social media platform is capable of providing analytic data relating to users’ engagements,
their interests and likes. These data -- if your marketing team knows how to read them --
can be an invaluable asset for any business, small or large.


Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing experts are familiar with all of the above tools and more. We can execute a social media campaign for your business that will engage your fans and followers and increase their numbers in record time.
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