Make An Infinite Universe Of Information

Microsites are designed to function separately and distinctly from the parent website, in order to feature specific information that may be related to the main website, but deserves its own spotlight. A microsite's main landing page can have its own unique domain name since it is separate from the parent site.

Microsites can function as a more targeted, specific advertising section, or to add editorial content. Editorial microsites with commercial purposes help to drive product sales and add value to the site's visitors for branding purposes. Creating microsites separate from your parent website also contributes editorial content and keywords for SEO purposes, allowing for greater search engine visibility and ranking.

Microsites can be created solely to aid in keyword contextual advertising, which is more commonly known as Pay per click or PPC advertising. By creating a microsite with the sole intent of featuring targeted, topic-specific, keyword-rich content, you can improve the ranking of your website and visibility of your company when internet users search a related product or service.